Salento AVR 2014


List of the accepted papers and posters.



Authors Title
Ihsan Rabbi, Sehat Ullah 3D Model Visualization and Interaction using a Cubic Fiducial Marker
Federico Manuri A Workflow Analysis for Implementing AR-Based Maintenance Procedures
Lode Jorissen, Steven Maesen, Ashish Doshi, Philippe Bekaert Robust Global Tracking using a Seamless Structured Pattern of Dots
Michael Boniface, Simon Crowle, Benjamin Poussard, Stylianos Asteriadis A design and evaluation framework for a tele-immersive mixed reality platform
Nick Michiels Interactive Augmented Omnidirectional Video with Realistic Lighting
Chifu Lin A MAR Game Design via a Remote Control Module
Anna Syberfeldt, Magnus Holm, Oscar Danielsson, Tom Ekblom Augmented Reality at the Industrial Shop-Floor
Andrea Brogni Moka: Designing a Simple Scene Graph Library for Cluster-Based Virtual Reality Systems
Roberto Franchini, Francesco Conversano, Paola Pisani, Ernesto Casciaro, Marco Di Paola, Sergio Casciaro Preliminary clinical validation of a new method for automatic 3D reconstruction of hepatic vessel network for surgical planning.
Alessandro Fiore, Luigi Manco, Luca Mainetti, Palmalisa Marra Augmented Reality for Allowing Time Navigation in Cultural Tourism Experiences: A Case Study
Francesco Capozzi, Valerio Lorizzo, Gianfranco Modoni, Marco Sacco Lightweight Augmented Reality Tools for Lean Procedures in Future Factories
Giuseppe Lo Presti, Cinzia Freschi, Sara Sinceri, Girolamo Morelli, Mauro Ferrari, Vincenzo Ferrari Virtual Reality surgical navigation system for Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate
Ausra Vidugiriene, Aistė Pranckevičienė, Egidijus Vaškevičius, Minija Tamošiūnaitė Investigation on player and virtual environment interaction
Ravil Muhamedyev, Vlad Gladkikh, Viktor Gopeyenko, Yevgeniya Daineko, Alma Mansharipova, Elena Muhamedyeva, Aleksejs V. Gopejenko A method of Three-Dimensional Visualization of molecular processes of apoptosis
Alessandro Zocco, Salvatore Livatino, Lucio Tommaso De Paolis Stereoscopic-3D Vision to Improve Situational Awareness in Military Operations
Inam ur Rehman, Sehat ullah Measuring the student’s success rate using a constraint based multi-modal virtual assembly environment
Heiko Herrmann Virtual Reality Visualization for Photogrammetric 3D Reconstructions of Cultural Heritage
Tiago Ribeiro, Paulo Roberto J. Reis, Geraldo Braz Junior, Anselmo C. Paiva, Aristófanes C. Silva, Ivana M. O. Maia, Antonio S. Araújo AGITO: Virtual Reality Environment For Power Systems Substations Operators Training
Giuseppe Caggianese, Pietro Neroni, Luigi Gallo Natural Interaction and Wearable Augmented Reality for the Enjoyment of the Cultural Heritage in Outdoor Conditions
Lucio Tommaso De Paolis, Francesco Ricciardi Development of a Serious Game for Laparoscopic Suture Training
Numan Ali The effect of multimodal virtual chemistry laboratory on students learning improvement
Giuseppe AiroFarulla, Ludovico Orlando Russo, Chiara Pintor, Daniele Pianu, Giorgio Micotti, Alice Rita Salgarella, Domenico Camboni, Marco Controzzi, Cristian Cipriani, Calogero Maria Oddo, Stefano Rosa, Marco Indaco Real-time single camera hand gesture recognition system for remote deafblind communication
Bruno Carpentieri Lossless Compression of Multidimensional Medical Images for Augmented Reality Applications
Paulo Roberto Jansen dos Reis, Daniel Lima Gomes Junior, Antônio Sérgio de Araújo, Geraldo Braz Junior, Aristófanes Correa Silva, Anselmo Cardoso de Paiva Visualization of Power Systems Based on Panoramic Augmented Environments
Silvio Del Pizzo Roll and Pitch Estimation Using Visual Horizon Recognition
Pietro Cipresso Low-Cost Motion-Tracking for Computational Psychometrics based on Virtual Reality
Krzysztof Walczak, Jakub Flotyński On-demand Generation of 3D Content Based on Semantic Meta-scenes
Patrizia Schettino Now I want to touch the place. Immersion and engagement in augmentaed digital stereoscopic panorama
Muhammad Asad, Greg Slabaugh Hand Orientation Regression using Random Forest for Augment Reality
Sara Invitto, Italo Spada, Dario Turco, Genuario Belmonte Easy Perception Lab: Evolution, Brain and Virtual and Augmented Reality in Museum Environment




Authors Title
David Vanoni, Li Ge, Falko Kuester Intuitive Visualization of Reflectance Transformation Imaging for Interactive Analysis of Cultural Artifacts
Angel Chi-Poot, Anabel Martin-Gonzalez Euclidean Vectors in Physics Education using Augmented Reality
Francesco Carotenuto SLAM map application for tracking lights on car dashboards
Stéphane Côté A live Augmented Reality Tool for Facilitating Interpretation of 2D Construction Drawings
Rosanna Maria Viglialoro, Sara Condino, Marco Gesi, Mauro Ferrari, Vincenzo Ferrari Augmented Reality simulator for laparoscopic cholecystectomy training
Steven Maesen, Yunjun Liu, Patrik Goorts, Philippe Bekaert A Practical and Inexpensive Positioning System for Mobile AR Applications
Arnis Cirulis Designing an interactive and augmented 3D environment with passive tactile feedback for veterinary training.
Ausra Vidugiriene, Edgaras Ščiglinskas Investigation on human attentiveness to video clips using Neurosky and LIRIS-ACCEDE database
Ana Planells, Jaume Segura, Salvador Cerdá, Alicia Giménez, Rosa Cibrián Virtual acoustic reconstruction of the church at the lost monastery of Santa Maria de la Murta