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The Scientific Committee has selected the following best papers:


FULL PAPERS (€ 300):

Alexander Ohlei, Toni Schumacher and Michael Herczeg
An Augmented Reality Tour Creator for Museums with Dynamic Asset Collections

Bogdan Sikorski, Paolo Leoncini, Carlo Luongo
A Glasses-based Holographic Tabletop for Collaborative Monitoring of Aerial Missions


SHORT PAPER (€ 150):

Riccardo Galdieri, Mata Haggis-Burridge, Thomas Buijtenweg and Marcello Carrozzino
Exploring players’ curiosity-driven behaviour in unknown videogame environments



The winner of the AVR Competion (€ 250):

Catlin Pidel and Philipp Ackermann
Collaboration in Virtual and Augmented Reality: A Systematic Overview



All winners are kindly requested to provide us with their bank account details by email at info@salentoavr.it

The bank transfer will be made by Springer.