Track 4: Games

Games and entertainment are present in all cultures and contribute to the social, emotional, psychological and physical well being of human society. As game and entertainment technologies become increasingly more pervasive we are continually challenged in our work, learning and personal life by increased access to virtual spaces and communities that offer opportunities for everyday needs and aesthetic experiences.

SALENTO AVR 2016 seeks original research and applied papers in all areas of games. Topics of interest include, but not limited, to the following areas:

  • Game design and development
  • Development Tools in Gaming
  • Development methodologies in Gaming
  • Tools and Technologies in Gaming
  • Usability and Playability
  • Immersive Gaming and Edutainment
  • Pervasive Gaming
  • Ubiquitous Games
  • Games for Mobile Platforms
  • Technological Support for Collaborative Games
  • Balance among Realism, Engagement, Learning and Entertainment
  • Entertainment
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Multi-agent and Multi-strategy Games
  • Realistic Games for Simulation and Training
  • Serious Games
  • Pedagogical Theories in Serious Games
  • Methodologies and Principles for Serious Games User Assessment
  • Advanced Human-Computer Interaction for Serious Games
  • Serious games in Formal Education
  • Educational Outcomes in Serious Games
  • Verification of Learning Transfer in Serious Games
  • Artificial Intelligence for Serious Games
  • Serious Games in Health and Healthcare
  • Serious Games in Public Health Education
  • Serious Games in Rehabilitation.