Salento AVR 2020 provides the opportunity of presenting innovative devices and applications in a session totally dedicated to selected companies. Each company is going to give a short product presentation.

The participation in this session is free for one person and scheduled for the afternoon of June 10, 2020  (date to be confirmed). On this afternoon there will be no parallel session.

A brief debate is planned at the end of the session and the audience will be able to ask questions to the different company representatives.

Companies have also the following publicity opportunities:

  • Publicity platforms – companies can take advantage of websites and printed materials designed for the event to place their logo and a short description. Mutual link exchanges, when considered meaningful, are free of charge.
  • Sponsoring an award – sponsoring the ‘best paper award’ and/or the ‘best poster award’ is a further opportunity to participate at the event linking your institution to scientific research and academic excellence.
  • Sponsoring a social event – sponsoring the main social event or proposing an additional social activity is an opportunity to link your organization to an important moment of the event.


The registration is free and limited to the company session.

If your company is interested in attending SALENTO AVR 2020, please contact us