Salento AVR 2018


Our thanks go to Springer for sponsoring the best paper awards.

The best papers  have been selected by the Scientific Committee

and the winners have been awarded during the gala dinner.



Best papers chosen:

  • RESEARCHER (€ 300):

Marina Carbone, Sara Condino, Fabrizio Cutolo, Rosanna Viglialoro, Oliver Kaschke, Ulrich W. Thomale, Vincenzo Ferrari
Proof of concept: wearable augmented Reality Video See-Through Display for neuro-endoscopy



Ahmet Kose, Aleksei Tepljakov, and Eduard Petlenkov
Towards Assisting Interactive Reality – Interactive Reality for Education, Data Analysis and Industry

Marta Mondellini, Sara Arlati, Luca Greci, Giancarlo Ferrigno, Marco Sacco
Sense of Presence and Cybersickness while Cycling in Virtual Environments: their contribution to subjective experience

Francesco De Pace, Federico Manuri, Andrea Sanna, and Davide Zappia
An Augmented Interface to Display Industrial Robot Faults


  • POSTER (€ 100):

Sergio Teodoro Vite, César Domínguez Velasco, Aldo Francisco Hernàndez Valencia, Juan Salvador Pérez Lomeli, Miguel Ángel Padilla Castañeda
Virtual Simulation of Brain Sylvian Fissure Exploration and Aneurysm Clipping with Haptic Feedback for Neurosurgical Training